The    Band

Joe    Puccio

Lead    Singer    and    Rhythm    Guitar

Joe has been the driving force behind the band since its beginning. He is last original Founding Member left in the band. He has worked hard to surround himself with incredible musicians and it shows in the energy that he exudes on stage. It’s hard to watch him and not wish you were dancing right next to him. His energy pours off the stage and catches any crowd I have seen him perform in front of. He reminds us all how much fun we have doing what we’re doing, and that is why we are here in the first place. It's safe to say that he is a great leader. The band has come a long way since its inception and Joe has continued to surround himself with talented musicians that add to the continuity of the band and the uniqueness of the sound while refining his talents. Joe's great showmanship and charisma always gets the crowd involved and motivated to let loose and enjoy themselves.

Joe Puccio