The    Band

Mike     Walton

Lead     Guitar

Mike started playing guitar 20 years ago in the San Francisco bay area. Forming his first band in high school, he honed his skills on songs by REM, Pearl Jam, U2, Weezer, Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots, and many other staples from the mid 90's. Since moving to Orange County in 2001, he has played in many projects as a bassist and a guitarist, from small acoustic coffee house groups to hard rocking tribute bands, and everything in between.

Mike is the newest member of the Droppers, Joining the band in June of 2014 he brings to the table a dedication to the sound and a bold approach to some familiar concepts in music. Right off the bat he has expanded the nature of the sound and added a flair that we hadn’t even approached before. Mike’s perfectionism will definitely be a great addition to the band and help us refine the sound and get us one step closer to perfection and continuity.

Mike Walton