The    Band

Shaun    Lopez


Shaun Lopez grew up in San Diego, CA and enjoyed all the rock music that fine city had to offer. During his time in high school (1994-1998), he picked up the guitar and became the lead guitarist in his first band simply to try and score a date with a girl. After high school, his love for music remained and he moved to San Luis Obispo to attend college at Cal Poly, earning music minor. While at the central coast of Cali, he put aside the electric guitar and joined a band that needed a bass guitarist. It was at that point where Shaun Lopez found his instrument of choice and started giving people a reason to get off of their seat and boogie. Influenced by artists such Louis Johnson, John Paul Jones, and Justin Chancellor; and bands such as The Band of Gypsies, The Black Keys, The Doors (even though they didn’t have a bass player), Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin, Shaun continued to develop his own melodic groove.

After a few years playing rock and roll had passed, Lopez took a 5-year musical hiatus to pursue a career in teaching. This decision put the ball in motion that would eventually lead Shaun towards finding The Droppers. In 2013, that’s when the magic happened. Lopez accepted a Math Teacher position in Orange County at the same time the former bassist of the Droppers decided to leave town. Since, the former bassist and Lopez were old friends, and since Lopez started playing in a side project with The Dropper’s drummer at the time, it was a no brainer for The Droppers to extend their invite for an initial jam session. The chemistry of his playing molded perfectly to The Droppers’ new sound and BAM, like a tag in during a Mexican Wrestling match, it’s now Lopez’s job to bring in the BOOM so that all of you are out of your seat dancing like little kids again.

Shaun Lopez